core/math/modexpng"Next-generation" modular exponentiation using specialized DSP slices present in...22 months
user/shatov/modexpng"Next-generation" modular exponentiation using the specialized DSP slices presen...23 months
sw/thirdparty/ekermit(Old) EKermit library once considered for HSM firmware uploads6 years
sw/thirdparty/sqlite3(Old) SQLite3 port once used by Cryptech PKCS #116 years
core/cipher/aes_speed(Old) Verilog implementation of the symmetric block cipher AES (Advanced Encrypt...3 years
sw/cryptlib(Old) port of cryptlib to Novena6 years
core/comm/uartA Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART) implemented in Verilog6 years
core/util/keywrapAES KEY WRAP as defined in RFC 339421 months
user/js/keywrapAES KEY WRAP as defined in RFC 33943 years
core/comm/i2cAn I2C slave implemented in Verilog6 years
user/ft/bootstrapBootstrap scripts used with the Alpha board5 years
core/math/ecdsalibCode common to the ecdsa256 and ecdsa384 cores3 years
core/libCommon modules instantiated by other cores (math operations, etc)6 months
user/sra/pelicanConvert to markdown with pelican
test/coretest_bp_entropyCoretest System for testing FPGA based entropy source developed by Bernd Paysan8 years
test/coretest_test_coreCoretest module combined with the test_core as a test module7 years
test/novena_i2c_simpleCoretest system for Novena PVT1, over I2C, with simplified user interface7 years
test/coretest_fpga_entropyCoretest system for testing FPGA based entropy source8 years
user/jakob/benchmarkCryptech Benchmark6 years
sw/stm32Cryptech HSM on STM-32 ARM processor6 months
test/novena_baseCryptech Novena FPGA baseline7 years
sw/thirdparty/libtfmCryptech build of Tom's Fast Math bignum library22 months
wikiCryptech developers pseudo-wiki source, see months
sw/libhalCryptech libhal: crypto software, HSM management, RPC2 weeks
sw/tamperCryptech prototype tamper protection software5 years
user/ft/tamperCryptech tamper detection6 years
user/jakob/tamperCryptech tamper detection6 years
user/ln5/tamperCryptech tamper detection6 years
user/shatov/fmc-testDemo program for stm32-dev-bridge board to test FMC arbiter in Novena's on-board...6 years
doc/designDesign documentation6 years
core/rng/rosc_entropyDigital entropy source based on on jitter between multiple, digital ring oscilla...3 years
core/rng/avalanche_entropyEntropy provider core for an external avalanche noise based entropy source3 years
user/sra/openssl-engineExamples using OpenSSL over Cryptech HSM via PKCS 11 and OpenSSL ENGINE API5 years
test/novena_trngExperimental HW system for the Novena platform7 years
test/novena_entropyExperimental HW system for the Novena platform7 years
test/external_avalanche_entropyExternal Avalanche Entropy6 years
user/shatov/novena-fmc-arbiterFMC interface arbiter for Novena's on-board Spartan-6 FPGA6 years
user/js/fpga_mkmFPGA-based active Master Key Memory (MKM)3 years
gitolite-adminGitolite administration repository. Sysadmins only.3 months
core/util/mkmifMaster Key Memory Interface6 years
user/js/mkmifMaster Key Memory Interface3 years
user/shatov/modexpng_fpga_modelMath model of ModExpNG IP core6 months
core/math/modexpModular exponentiation core6 years
core/math/modexpa7Modular exponentiation using the Artix-7 FPGA3 years
sw/pkcs11PKCS #11 library for Cryptech on top of libhal RPC2 weeks
core/platform/alphaPlatform-specific files for the Cryptech Alpha board3 months
core/platform/novenaPlatform-specific files for the Novena PVT13 years
core/platform/terasic_c5gPlatform-specific files for the TerasIC C5G development board6 years
doc/presentationsPresentations about the Cryptech project and the Cryptech HSM design6 years
user/sra/aes-keywrapPrototype implementation of AES-Keywrap4 years