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masterFinally got integrate_mkmif working.Paul Selkirk19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-29Finally got integrate_mkmif working.HEADmasterPaul Selkirk
2020-03-31Merge branch 'integrate_mkmif' to masterPaul Selkirk
2020-03-25Move keywrap from user/js to core/util.Paul Selkirk
2019-01-29Updated README to current status. Added section about the auto zeroise functi...Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-17Added non-zero default timeout value in core. This fixes the keywrap problems...Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-17Debugging keywrap after auto_zeroise. Now the core starts processing as expec...Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-17Adding key timeout output port to allow core to inform the top level wrapper ...Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-11Add testcase that verifies forced zeroisation.Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-11Adding test case that verifies that SW can keep a key alive by reading status...Joachim Strömbergson
2019-01-11Fixed parameterized widths.Joachim Strömbergson