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masterUpdate build instructions to include dependency on avr-libc.Linus Nordberg6 years
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2016-07-04Update build instructions to include dependency on avr-libc.HEADmasterLinus Nordberg
2016-07-04Have 'clean' complain less.Linus Nordberg
2016-06-10Do wipe MKM when tamper is detected, sleep when not.Linus Nordberg
2016-06-10Compile with -std=gnu99 and -Wpedantic.Linus Nordberg
2016-06-10Minor updates of README.Linus Nordberg
2016-05-19Explain SPI dummy write in comments.Linus Nordberg
2016-05-19Add copyright and licensing info.Linus Nordberg
2016-05-18Add info about building and uploading.Linus Nordberg
2016-05-18Read from and write to MKM when panic button is pressed.Linus Nordberg