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masterCleanup.Rob Austein5 years
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2017-07-07Cleanup.HEADmasterRob Austein
2017-07-06TLS example.Rob Austein
2017-06-07Doh, proofread doc.Rob Austein
2017-06-07Add ECDSA support, via updated OpenSC pkcs11 engine.Rob Austein
2017-05-04Add pkcs11-spy support, remove cryptech_probe invocation.Rob Austein
2016-08-21Split out certificate creation; handle verification properly.Rob Austein
2016-08-21Better link to OpenSC Wiki in README.md.Rob Austein
2016-08-21Fix URL markup in README.md.Rob Austein
2016-08-21Scripts demonstrating the OpenSSL engine API with Cryptech Alpha HSM.Rob Austein