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pelicanFiddle a few settings for public viewRob Austein6 months
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2021-07-25Fiddle a few settings for public viewpelicanRob Austein
2021-07-25AttachmentsRob Austein
2021-07-25Configure navbarRob Austein
2021-07-24Whack with club until all links pass linkcheckerRob Austein
2021-07-24Clean up more links, convert to m.css theme (no JavaScript!)Rob Austein
2021-07-13Add a few links to the landing pageRob Austein
2021-07-12Tweak trac-to-pelican-home ruleRob Austein
2021-07-12Add rule for trac-to-pelican-home.mdRob Austein
2021-07-11Synthetic landing pageRob Austein
2021-07-11More git link cleanupRob Austein