BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auto_zeroiseRebase branch 'auto_zeroise' from js_keywrapPaul Selkirk3 years
fmc_clkNew FMC settings for STM32.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)22 months
ft-crc32Check CRC32 of data received from host.Fredrik Thulin5 years
ice40mkmAdded call to ice40mkm_configure() to the 'hsm' project startup code.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)3 months
js_keywrapRebase branch 'js_keywrap' from masterPaul Selkirk3 years
masterFixed copyright notice.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)4 months
modexpngtiming tests for RSA signingPaul Selkirk21 months
parade_of_half_baked_ideasSign/verifiy installable imagesPaul Selkirk5 years
python3Well of course there had to be one last dumb Python3 string bugRob Austein15 months
rsa_timingInitialize C_len arg to hal_aes_keywrap, or suffer unpredictable failures.Paul Selkirk3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-19Fixed copyright notice.HEADmasterPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-06-28Revert Peter's hardware flow control patch, as it sometimes causesPaul Selkirk
2020-10-15Ubuntu replaced arm-none-eabi-gdb with gdb-multiarch over 2 years ago, butPaul Selkirk
2020-10-15OpenOCD versions since at least 0.9.0 (May 2015) actually do need thePaul Selkirk
2020-10-15Reduce overly-long HAL_IO_TIMEOUT.Paul Selkirk
2020-10-15Remove no-longer-useful mgmt-keywrap.Paul Selkirk
2020-10-15Remove no-longer-useful test-mkmif.Paul Selkirk
2020-10-15Add retro fmc_write_32/fmc_read_32 for the board-test projects that use them.Paul Selkirk
2020-10-15Silence deprecated warnings in CMSIS code.Paul Selkirk
2020-10-15Peter Stuge's fix for hardware flow control: Program CTS and RTS pins as alte...Paul Selkirk