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masterwhack copyrightsPaul Selkirk6 years
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2015-12-13whack copyrightsHEADmasterPaul Selkirk
2015-03-17Rearrange cores.Paul Selkirk
2014-05-16Increased communication speed. Increased number of blocks in huge mesage test...Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-16Fixed huge message test. We now run test of message with 100 blocks in SHA-256.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-09Enabling all test cases again.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-09Adding new prebuilt FPGA with uart that supports change of bitrate.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-09Added functionality to change baud rate. Decreased comm delay. Now test cases...Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-08Fixed error in (c). Drastically reduced processing delay. Adding missing expe...Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-08Adding test case for dual block tests of SHA-512/x. All tests passed. Separat...Joachim Strömbergson
2014-05-08(1) Added functionality to do single block tests of all SHA-512/x modes. (2) ...Joachim Strömbergson