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masterupdateJakob Schlyter5 years
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2016-07-18updateHEADmasterJakob Schlyter
2015-08-11Adding README that describes the purpose of the dir and the files currently i...Joachim Strömbergson
2015-05-28sync with latest alpha board designJakob Schlyter
2015-05-27Adding two more serial interfaces to the CPU to allow connection of for examp...Joachim Strömbergson
2015-05-27Adding the STMCubeMX configuration file for the STM32F429BIT6 to be used on t...Joachim Strömbergson
2015-05-27Updated main CPU model and package. Changed the main CPU external memory to b...Joachim Strömbergson
2015-05-27Novena memory mapPaul Selkirk
2015-05-25initFredrik Thulin
2015-05-25Updated Alpha Board drawing with STM32 MCU as main processor, changed to FMC ...Joachim Strömbergson
2015-05-05Updated estimates with real values for RSA/modexp core. Fixed errors in calcu...Joachim Strömbergson