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2021-10-08Add "wiki" repositoryHEADmasterRob Austein
2017-12-12Update my own key. Fun chicken-and-egg problem.Rob Austein
2016-07-15Wrong temporary Linus key, sigh.Rob Austein
2016-07-15Mr Tinfoil does not travel with his real key.Rob Austein
2016-06-08Update Fredrik's key.Rob Austein
2015-12-11Update Fredrik's key.Rob Austein
2015-10-04Why does gitolite whine when I combine "C" with "RW+"? Who knows.Rob Austein
2015-10-04Seems "+" permission is required to delete merged branches.Rob Austein
2015-07-17add leifRandy Bush
2015-05-27Add Pavel.Rob Austein