BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fixDon't override curve if it was selected externally.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)4 years
masterCosmetic fix.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-19Cosmetic fix.HEADmasterPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-07-19Fixed copyright notices.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-12 * cleaned up a bitPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11Updated microcode parser script.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11Updated the top layer to accomodate changes in the underlying architecture.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11Updated curve math layer to do multiplication using the Montgomery ladderPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11Forgot to add copyright yearPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11 * Microcode layer redesigned to take advantage of Montgomery ladderPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-04-11Added debugging helper flag to dump outputs of modular operations.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-03-13Fixed non-microcoded mode compile errorPavel V. Shatov (Meister)