BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
js_keywrapRebase js_keywrap from masterPaul Selkirk3 years
masterFixed copyright notices.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)4 months
modexpngadd support for modexpngPaul Selkirk21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-19Fixed copyright notices.HEADmasterPavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2021-06-07Add sha3 corePaul Selkirk
2020-09-06core_config.py didn't really work with Python 3 yetRob Austein
2020-04-29The new keywrap core now talks directly to the mkmif core.Paul Selkirk
2020-03-25Move keywrap from user/js to core/util, replace aes core in the hsm project.Paul Selkirk
2020-03-14Move modexpng from user/shatov to core/math, promote to default modexp for Al...Paul Selkirk
2020-02-26Merge branch 'js_keywrap' to 'master'Paul Selkirk
2020-01-23Added reset replicator module. Details below.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2020-01-23Testbench for the new multicycle core selector.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)
2020-01-23Reworked core selector generation script.Pavel V. Shatov (Meister)