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2019-02-08(1) Removed reset input port from qr module, qr module instances and qr ↵HEADmasterJoachim Strömbergson
module tb. (2) Fixed non blocking assigment erroneously used in comboinational process.
2019-02-07Change reset to asynch assert. This matches comment. It also matches what is ↵Joachim Strömbergson
used in the TRNG core where the chacha core is instantiated. Also removed reset from the pipeline registers.
2018-10-23Hardening the API to block writes to contol signals when core is performing ↵Joachim Strömbergson
operations. Also blocking access to data out when core is busy. Minor cleanup of defines. Changed init and next flags to automatically toggle back to zero.
2018-10-16Adding width specification, fixed order and other nits as part of ceckning ↵Joachim Strömbergson
that all registers are properly reset.
2018-08-30Adding two more pipeline registers in the qr module. Added two more wait cycles.Joachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23Debugged pipeline register and state update. All test cases ok.timing_fixJoachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23Added missing define.Joachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23(1) Adding pipeline register update code and a set of pipeline registers. ↵Joachim Strömbergson
Registers are not connected at the this stage. (2) Added self testing tetst cases and debug outputs to observe internal behaviour.
2018-08-23(1) Updated qr interface to include clock and reset needed for internal ↵Joachim Strömbergson
pipeline registers. (2) Added testbench for the qr module. (3) Added qr simulation target. (4) Added lint support.
2016-12-28(1) Cleanup of top an core code with no functional changes. The code is now ↵cleanupJoachim Strömbergson
much more compact. (2) Fixed how the QR modules are used in parallel to actually work in parallel. This increases performance. (3) Changed registers into arrays and cleaned up how operands and data are accessed. This decreased total design size.
2015-04-30(1) Added api addresses and constants for core name and version. (2) Changed ↵Joachim Strömbergson
addresses for control, status and config to match the ct standard. (3) Updated the testbench to use the changed addresses.
2014-11-06Fixes to nits found using the verilator linter.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-09-26Update of ChaCha with fixes found during synthesis.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-09-03Adding a Python functional model of the ChaCha stream cipher.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-09-03Adding testbenches for core and top.Joachim Strömbergson
2014-09-03Adding RTL code for the ChaCha stream cipher.Joachim Strömbergson