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2018-08-23Debugged pipeline register and state update. All test cases ok.timing_fixJoachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23Added missing define.Joachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23(1) Adding pipeline register update code and a set of pipeline registers. Reg...Joachim Strömbergson
2018-08-23(1) Updated qr interface to include clock and reset needed for internal pipel...Joachim Strömbergson
2016-12-28(1) Cleanup of top an core code with no functional changes. The code is now m...cleanupJoachim Strömbergson
2015-04-30(1) Added api addresses and constants for core name and version. (2) Changed ...Joachim Strömbergson
2014-09-03Adding testbenches for core and top.Joachim Strömbergson