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masterRevise to use releng/alpha/.gitmodules rather than parsing TracRob Austein3 months
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2021-10-10Revise to use releng/alpha/.gitmodules rather than parsing TracHEADmasterRob Austein
2020-04-18ff-onlyRob Austein
2020-03-22Python 2 -> 3Rob Austein
2016-12-23Trac markup changed, update kludgy screen scraping code to match.Rob Austein
2016-06-19Flush stdout to interleave properly with subprocesses.Rob Austein
2016-06-19Further trivial scripts.Rob Austein
2016-06-18Add --prune to fetch commands; track (old) HTTPS configuration changes; gener...Rob Austein
2016-03-03Simplify directory walk loop (old change).Rob Austein
2016-03-03Fetch from all upstreams.Rob Austein
2015-10-04More toys.Rob Austein