BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ln/cc20rng-revampWIP Revamp ChaCha20 seedingLinus Nordberg2 years
ln/develUpdate comments for later revisionsLinus Nordberg24 months
masterRevert "Add version and application info to ELF file"Linus Nordberg24 months
cc20rng-1.0.0commit be1d685c0d...Linus Nordberg24 months
base-1.0.0commit be1d685c0d...Linus Nordberg24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-23Revert "Add version and application info to ELF file"HEADcc20rng-1.0.0base-1.0.0masterLinus Nordberg
2020-01-23[entropy] Raise USB baud rate to match application 'cc20rng'Linus Nordberg
2020-01-21Merge branch 'ln/cc20rng-revamp' into ln/develLinus Nordberg
2020-01-21[cc20rng] Revamping the ChaCha20 seedingLinus Nordberg
2020-01-21[cc20rng] Code formatting changesLinus Nordberg
2020-01-21Update comments for later revisionsln/develLinus Nordberg
2020-01-21Add version and application info to ELF fileLinus Nordberg
2019-12-18Don't find | rm for target 'clean'Linus Nordberg
2019-12-16rev11 hardwareLinus Nordberg
2019-12-16Make local functions staticLinus Nordberg