Cryptech Novena FPGA baseline


This repo contains the Novena FPGA baseline developed as part of the Cryptech project. The design contains a new FPGA top level, now clock implementation and reworked EIM interface.

The main purpose of the baseline is to allow us to run the Cryptech cores and FPGA system with the general system clock and then interface to the EIM with the EIM burst clock.

Technical details

The design tries to be a clean top that is easy for others to work on and adapt to their needs. The top is stripped from ports not needed for the baseline. All clock and reset implementation is placed in a separate module. The EIM interface is in a separate module and then the rest of the system is in a third module.

Internally the baseline contains an arbiter to connect cores with a 32-bit memory like interface to the EIM. Finally there is SW to configure the EIM interface as well as talking to a test core in the FPGA.

For information about the EIM clocking and the baseline HW and SW design, see the documentation.


The baseline has been written by Pavel Shatov.