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masterUpdate README.md after promoting repository to releng/novena.Rob Austein5 years
modexps6Pull C_GetSessionInfo() into modexps6 branch too.Rob Austein6 years
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2016-07-11Update README.md after promoting repository to releng/novena.HEADmasterRob Austein
2016-06-25Public view of releng submodules should use public URLs.Rob Austein
2015-12-21Clean up awful patch kludge and pull in updated sw/libhal/.gitignoreRob Austein
2015-12-21Catch up on last few months' changes.Rob Austein
2015-09-23Update README.md.Rob Austein
2015-09-22Tweak XiLinx build to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit VMs.Rob Austein
2015-09-22Switch libhal back to master branch.Rob Austein
2015-09-22sw/libhal's modexps6 branch merged to master.Rob Austein
2015-09-22Merge branch 'modexps6'Rob Austein
2015-07-18Pull C_GetSessionInfo() into modexps6 branch too.modexps6Rob Austein